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How to take Database Backup and Restore it?

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How to take Database Backup and Restore it?

posted Jan 8, 2015 by Rupam Sharma

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Please refer the article @Backup & Restoring in MySql

1 Answer

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Database Backup

SapphireIMS provides a setting to backup the database on a scheduled basis. By default the entire data gets backed up on a daily basis. If you need to override this setting, follow the steps mentioned below.

     Click 'Settings', and then from the 'Advanced System Settings' section, click 'Database Maintenance'. Select the scheduler as per your needs

Sr. No.

Field Name



SapphireIMS Product Data Backup

Full DB backup


SapphireIMS Product Configuration Backup

Full configuration backup


SapphireIMS Service desk Data Backup

Full DB backup (only for service desk)


SapphireIMS Service desk Configuration Backup

Full configuration backup (only for service desk)


CMDB Data Backup

Full DB backup


CMDB Configuration Backup

Full configuration backup (only for CMDB)


  1. The data backup is performed on the system where SapphireIMS is installed (\Program Files\SapphireIMS\ConsoleManagement\DataBase\Archive) Ensure that the backup (including the db file and folders) is periodically moved to another system and not in the same machine to avoid disk space issues.

  2. The backup files are by default archived for 3 days and are replaced with the new back up file after 3 day period. This default setting can also be changed to retain maximum of 15 files using the No. of backup files in the Scheduler.

It is recommended to periodically check, if the database backup is happening as per the schedule. This can be checked by navigating to the folder SapphireIMS/ConsoleManagement/Database/Archive and then check for the previous day time stamp and also ensure if the DB is in a zipped format and of considerable size (not in KBs).
Database Restore

important_icon_small.jpg Important: If you are restoring the DB in to a different SapphireIMS server, please ensure the patch level of SapphireIMS is same as that of the Source machine.

Currently the SapphireIMS system doesn't support the automatic restore of the database. This activity will be done by the SapphireIMS Support team, if any DB crash occurs. Please get in touch with SapphireIMS support team for restoring the database.

The following are the steps to be followed to restore SapphireIMS MySQL database. Please be informed that it is recommended to do the following under the supervision of a SapphireIMS support personnel.

  1. Locate the backup file which you would like to restore. Care should be taken that you select a correct backup file to restore.

The backup files are stored in : Program Files\SapphireIMS\ConsoleManagement\Database\Archive

In the above location you will find various zip files which are actually the backup files.

Please locate the zip file with name “” and extract it.

Please make sure that you select the correct file as there are chances of the presence of many files starting with the name “imsproductdata_.........”. Normally you would be selecting a file with a latest timestamp on it.

  2. Once the file is extracted, please open the command prompt and navigate to the path <MySql Installed Drive>:MySQL Server 5.0\bin> (You have to use DOS commands to navigate to the specified path). Please make sure that MySql service is running prior to this operation.

  3. After navigating to the above specified path in the DOS prompt, please enter the following in   the command prompt and press 'Enter'

      mysql -h <IP address of the server> -u <user name> -p<password>

      An example is given below for your reference

      mysql -h -u root -pims

If the mysql credentials are specified correctly, the cmd prompt will change to MySql command prompt

In the mysql command prompt, please specify the following and press 'Enter' to connect to the database schema

               use <schema name>

               An example is given below for your reference

               user ims

Once the above is done, a message “Database changed” is displayed

  1. In the mysql command prompt, please specify the following and press 'Enter' to start the restore process.

      source <path of extracted zip file in point 4 above>
      An example is given below for your reference

Source C:\Program Files\SapphireIMS\ConsoleManagement\Database\Archive\imsproductdata__2010-11-25_02-00-31

The command will be executed and it will show a series of statement executions and its results. Please be patient till the process is completed and till you get mysql command prompt again. Closing the prompt in the middle will leave the database in a corrupted state.

  The above activity will complete the database restore.
answer Jul 5, 2016 by Pavan Kumar
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