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How to check connection of Data Collectors to Application Server?

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Currently, we have 4 servers for our client, App Server, Data Collector 1, Data Collector 2 and DB server. Data Collector 1 and Data Collector 2 will be moved to a new server which is VM.

May we have checklist of pre-requisites and checklist to ensure connection of the new server to the exisitng Production Setup.

posted Dec 18, 2017 by Rizza Anne Oliva

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1 Answer

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For standard per-requisites checklist, please reach out to

As far as communication between data collector and application server/database server following is the per-requisite -

  1. From data collector to database server - mysql port(Default 3306) needs to be accessible from data collector to database server ( For e.g: Port 3306 has to be accessible from data collector machine to database server)

  2. From data collector to application server - TCP port 5026 needs to be accessible from data collector to application server. This is used for heartbeat polling to ensure application server is running

Hope this answers your concerns. If you need detailed clarification, kindly reach out to support team.


answer Dec 20, 2017 by Harish