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issue with the SQL

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I am hoping for some assistance. I am using window Server 2008 64bit with MS SQL Server 2008 64 bit Service Pack 1 installed. Usually, My DB becomes so slow and respond very poorly. To Solve this problem I restart the SQL Server(MSSQL08) Service. I want permanent solution of this problem. Any kind of pointers or any explainer videos would be great if shared.

Would highly appreciate your help.
Thank you.

posted Feb 7 by Aaronpawlak

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We have been experiencing a very slow response with SapphireIMS for a month now. Until now the tech guys cannot resolve the slow issue.
We are also having difficulties connecting on the internet.

Attaching here a report made by one of our manager accessing it after midnight at 1:24am:

"FYI. I normally access Sapphire via the internet at home since the day it started. There has been no difficulty in this exercise that I have experienced. Recently since Tuesday I have had difficulty in accessing the site and logging in (attached screen shot). I have been waiting for around 30 minutes already for a system response but it is still processing mu log-in. If by chance I get in it is very slow in the response. This is the same behavior of the system in the workplace.

Since it is crucial that I approve the requests to avoid delay in customer requests I hope this can be settled soon. It is at present unworkable and the time it takes to process also delays the request and slowing down productivity across all the units in Operations Dept, and this impacts the customer. Something must have happened on Tuesday last week to cause the system to bog down this much."

Anyone experiencing same issue?


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When in preview mode, not matter the way we change/navigate the dates in time navigator, the values in Time chart does not change.
This happens just in preview mode of the Publisher. When we access the final dashboard using a web browser thru the Report Server Portal , this does not happen , that is , it works perfectly !
Is this an bug or it is the way it should be ?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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What is the port number and protocaol used for Windows AD integration with Sapphire.

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How frequently an agent communicates with the SapphireIMS Server? Is it configurable?