What are the device type templates? How devices gets categorized? What should I do if my device is categorized as Unknown(Category marked with question mark symbol in discovery view)?

Device template carries certain set of configurations/device identifying parameters to classify the devices in to respective categories such as Servers ,Desktops, Laptops, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, etc and associate monitoring parameters to them.

During initial discovery, SapphireIMS discovery/collector engine collects identifiers such as sysOID, make, model, chassis type, operating system using selected credential and will be compared against device template repository and associate respective template if available. If template is not available, it marks the device into unknown category. For the known category, it uses template configuration to collect complete data.

For devices which are categorized into unknown bucket, there is an option to use copy template for similar device by specifying Identifier such as sysOID of new device, please follow below steps outlines for the same, If it is totally new type of device, kindly contact support@sapphireims.com for the assistance.

Copy Template:

  1. Go to Settings->Asset and Inventory Management->Device Type Template
  2. Select the Filter By and click Vendor, select Filter Value and click on specific vendor of the device/OS. Click on Advanced Search and select the category and nearest model which is similar to the new device which you are planning to manage. Optionally you may select Model as All if you don’t find model of specific category of devices
  3. Click on Copy template icon once nearest model is identified
  4. Specify proper model, description and edit the SysOID with SysOID of new device on copy device template screen. In few templates such as Dell Thin Client you may need to specify operating system instead of Model and in templates like Microsoft Windows OS, you may also need to specify Major and Minor version as well.
  5. If similar device model or SysOID is not found, you may use any model under that device category which may limit the number of parameters to collect or reach out to support@sapphireims.com for proper support