Can we install SapphireIMS suite of applications on Redhat platform

Is it possible to install the application on the Redhat or other Linux platforms , if yes do we have any instruction for the same .

SapphireIMS uses scripting framework to deploy application software on Linux machines including Redhat. Users have to write script for the same and use our script execution automation task.

For further help, please refer our online help link - Script Package

I Meant to ask if the SapphireIMS itself can be installed on Redhat Platform .
I asked this question because in the prerequsites we have only Windows ** servers mentioned .
If no it would be helpful to know if any such attempts are in Pipeline

SapphireIMS server components runs on MS Windows operating system however you may chose to install MySQL database server on Linux machine. Please refer the following link for more details - SapphireIMS 5.0 Prerequisites Document