Customer has a CCTV environment, where all the cameras are connected to a central hub. Can the hub and the individual cameras be monitored? If yes, what type data can be fetched for CCTV cameras?

While we have not explored much on CCTV monitoring, we can think of following solution.

If camera and hub have an IP address and allows ICMP/TCP ping, we should be able to get its availability, response time and packet loss.

If these cameras support SNMP, then we should be able to pull information such as device model, manufacturer, software version, online/offline state, CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage provided device supports MIBS for these data. Even we can leverage SNMP Traps to detect motion, signal lost, disk full depending on SNMP TRAP capabilities of device. Capabilities even depends upon DVR/NVR. This needs a custom SNMP sensor support from SapphireIMS.

Similar way hub related information can be fetched if the device support SNMP and this needs a custom support from SapphireIMS.