Customer is having master agent, but the disk space is increasing over period of time due to patch management files. Now they cannot increase the disk space in OS drive and wanted to use different drive. How can I handle this?

We suggest to migrate the agent itself to different drive rather than pointing patch management alone to different folder . Please follow below steps for agent migration to different drive.

  1. Stop SapphireIMSAgent service.

  2. Stop SapphireIMSAgentUpgrade service.

  3. Close services.msc window.

  4. Kill agent tray icon if running (AgentServiceTray.exe).

  5. Copy SapphireIMSAgent folder available in C: drive and place it in different drive where more space is available. Better to maintain same hierarchy (Example: NEW_DRIVE_LETTER:\Program Files (x86)\SapphireIMSAgent)

  6. Open regedit and navigate to below path


  7. Modify drive letter in ApplicationPath variable

  8. In regedit, navigate to below path


  9. Modify drive letter in ImagePath variable.

  10. In regedit, navigate to below path


  11. Modify drive letter in ImagePath variable.

  12. In regedit, navigate to below path


  13. Modify drive letter for values - DisplayIcon, InstallLocation, QuietUninstallString, Readme, UninstallString variables.

  14. Close the regedit.

  15. Start SapphireIMSAgent service.

  16. Start SapphireIMSAgentUpgrade service.

  17. After starting services, verify basic communication, one download job to slave machine and make sure it works properly.

  18. Later you can clear the SapphireIMSAgent folder available in C drive to free up some space.