Does Sapphire Support Multi Time Zone?

SapphireIMS supports multiple time zones for inventory, performance monitoring, job scheduling, alerts and notifications. SapphireIMS server can be in a different time zone from the systems and devices which it is managing.

No specific configuration is required on SapphireIMS for use across multiple time zones.


The Windows server running SapphireIMS should have the setting “Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Savings Time” in the Time Zone settings dialog box disabled.

The servers running SapphireIMS and the database should be set to the same time zone.

How it works:

The agents which may be in different time zones collect the data and this is time stamped with the UTC time. When SapphireIMS collects the data, it converts the UTC time into the server time and stores it in its database. Thus, all data is stored in a normalized form irrespective of the time zones of the individual systems getting managed. The conversion to UTC will also take care of handling daylight savings adjustment.

IT administrators will see the time values in inventory and performance data in the time zones in which they are located. The notifications will also carry the converted time in case the notified users are all in the same time zone. All reports will have the time value converted to the administrator’s time zone. When scheduling automation tasks, the administrator must schedule the tasks after doing the time zone conversion in case the managed system is in a different time zone.