Does SapphireIMS provides option to deliver SLA based email notifications to email recipients which i can customize as a rule?

SapphireIMS does provide the flexibility to define customized email notification rules based on various attributes of a service desk record, i.e., Fixed / Additional fields. This can be done in two ways.

  1. Using the inbuilt Email routing feature wherein you can define the set of rules on various combinations using the relevant attributes of a service desk record. Refer the link Email Routing . Use the ‘Rule Type’ as ‘SLA Based Rule’ while configuring the routing rule.

  2. SapphireIMS does provide additional flexibility to model the routing matrix in CMDB, which in turn can be referred while processing the SLA notifications. Once the CMDB is modelled, the custom routing can be enabled in the backend database. Kindly reach out to the Support / Implementation team for assistance in this regard. The same option can also be extended for SMS based notifications.