Few Windows/Linux/MAC machines are used as standalone machines which are not reachable from corporate network. These users do not have admin rights and they won't come to office on regular basis. How should I deploy the agent with end user help?

In this scenario only means to deploy the agents is to know admin/root credentials of end machines and create a script which gets elevated with admin/root credential to deploy the agent.

For windows agents, please contact SapphireIMS support team for this. They will ask you to provide admin credential for each end point (if common admin credential available it will be good), then prepare a customized batch script which will self-elevate using the admin credential embedded in it to deploy agent in end point.

For Linux/MAC, similar to Windows, it is possible to use root credential through which we elevate and install the agents using scripts. In some cases customer wants to run agent with SUDO privilege, in that case we need to create new user, modify the end point sudoers file with proper precautions as per the need either automatically or manually (using root credential) and install the agents using newly created user. For further help on scripts, please reach out to support.

There are other ways to deploy such as using Puppet, Apple remote desktop, xRDP, etc.