How do i troubleshoot the issue of SLA not getting mapped to a Service desk Record?

SLAs will be mapped to a service desk record based on the rule / conditions defined in the SLA rule configuration. The process to configure SLA to a project is explained in this link.

Whenever you come across scenarios where the SLAs are not getting mapped to a service desk record, the following are the checks one may perform before reaching out to Support team.

  1. The crux of the SLA mapping to a service desk record lies in the configured rule itself. So, please cross check if the rule is properly mapped along with the attributes and its values.

  2. Ensure required attribute values defined in the SLA rule are available as part of the service desk record. (for .e.g., if the rule is based on an additional field, please ensure the value present in the service desk record is same as the value configured in the SLA rule).

  3. Check if any of the fields configured in the SLA rule are deleted and added again, as we will be losing the field references, even though you configure the field with the same name. In such cases, you will have to reconfigure the SLA rule or reach out to support team for assistance.

  4. Check if the attribute values defined in the SLA rule are getting updated as part of any post action / custom business rules / RPA rule. If so, the field should be updated as part of the ticket submission / update. For any reason, if the fields is not getting update, please reach out to support team.

  5. Ensure the SLA rules are properly defined with parentheses / brackets and arithmetically correct.

Reach out to support team if the issue persists despite checking the above conditions.