How Static and Dynamic threshold works in SapphireIMS?

How Static and Dynamic thresholds works in SapphireIMS?

Static threshold

  • This is a static value and when performance data point exceeds( or fall short of in certain scenarios) this value, it is a violation of threshold and if notification profile is configured, it alerts the user.

For configuration, please refer Thresholds Global thresholds and System Thresholds

Dynamic threshold

  • This is based on empirical data points. This works with dynamic baseline using empirical data points. The base-lining uses the time over which collected data should be used for calculating the baseline and predictable pattern of data on given date/month/year. This threshold can be specified using percentage deviation measures.

Percentage deviation defines a threshold based on the moving average of the performance data points over a certain interval. If the average of all the data points within the time interval is X milliseconds, and if the new data point takes the percentage deviation over X ms, the transaction violates threshold.

For example, The monitoring points with interval of 5 min polling between 9:00 AM to 11.00AM(Considering last 2 hours for baseline calculation) has average CPU utilization about 33% and the deviation set is 20 % over threshold. If the new data point CPU utilization at 11.00AM is 53%, it will be considered as violation of threshold.

But there are scenarios where performance may vary on specific hours in a given day, specific days of the week or even months of the year. for example:

  • Database backup activity on week end may lead to high CPU utilization compare to rest of the week
  • Pay roll application may experience high load on start of the month or end of the month as compared to rest of the month

In such case, it is very important to consider specific time interval in a given day/week/month using baseline event profiles for data points to be used in base-lining for generation of threshold. Please note that baselines will be available only after the days specified for calculation of baseline and you won’t get it as soon you start the configuration.

For configuration, please refer Thresholds Dynamic Threshold Section.