How to integrate On-Premise AD with cloud instance of SapphireIMS?

Cloud instance of SapphireIMS can be integrated with following ways to communicate with on-premise AD setup

  1. If cloud instance of SapphireIMS is dedicated instance for specific customer, we may use site to site VPN so that SapphireIMS server can directly communicate to on-premise AD for user import and authentication.
  2. Jump Host add-on component cloud connector plugin can be used to integrate the On-Premises Active Directory and OpenLDAP Servers with cloud instance of SapphireIMS to import Active Directory and OpenLDAP users to the SapphireIMS user database and support user authentication. Jump host component needs to be installed in on-premise network. Please refer our help link SapphireIMS 5.0 Prerequisites Document for prerequistes and refer help link Jump Hosts on how to configure
  3. If probe server is installed in on-premise network, probe server internally leverage cloud connector for user import and authentication. In this case, you don’t have to install cloud connector separately.