How to perform patch management in the ubuntu OS?

  1. For ubuntu flavors we should create an explicit job to download the cab file using the menu path

    Settings → IT Automation → Automation Tasks → Patch Management → Ubuntu Cab File Creation

  • Specify the value 3 for “OS flavors of linux”. 3 stands for ubuntu.
  • Specify the appropriate version of ubuntu for the “OS version of Linux”
  • Specify any link for e.g., url of SapphireIMS server. Here the link does not have any significance.

Refer the sample snapshot below.

  1. Click on next button to schedule the job to download the cab file.

  1. Once the cab file is downloaded successfully(refer the ‘Automation Task Status’ page for the result), then proceed with Linux patch management using the given link below



Below link is not opening.Please verify and update the with correct URL