I have latest SapphireIMS installed but few agents show different versions. Why this behaviour?

There could be multiple reasons and we need to check following –
a. Whether latest patch SapphireIMS has new version of agent
b. Such agents may not be online to upgrade
c. Such agents may not be communicating for longer period
- Systems might be down
- Agent has some internal issue hence not communicating
- Agents is uninstalled
- Some network issue which is blocking agent communication
- Agent might have been rolled out with IP/FQDN which will resolve to local IP and doesn’t communicate over the internet
d. Agent might be mapped under master-slave configuration and the respective master agent might be down or not reachable via file distribution TCP port.
e. There could be upgrade issue
- Agent upgrade module is crashing
- New installed agent is not able to download new agent installer because of network issues
- Unable to copy new installer in local drive because antivirus might be deleting
- Unable to upgrade agent because of privilege issue.

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