I have node locked license or host-based license brought for specific machines. I want the licenses to be tagged to those nodes and should not be used for other nodes during compliance position calculation. How should I do this?

In SapphireIMS, we have option to allocate specific product license to nodes so that the allocated licenses cannot be used for other nodes. Basically, it tags one license of the product to specific node permanently and reconciliation procedure always considers that node while presenting the total license used until we explicitly dissociate license in which case regular reconciliation starts happening based on first come first serve basis or you may exclude the node itself from considering during regular license reconciliation procedure.

You can tag the license to specific node by going to Menu Inventory → Compliance → Software Compliance → Double click on the Product for which you have procured node locked license → Compliance Details → Select Node → Under License Name right below the filter select specific license of that product used → Click on Map License. Please note that to carry out this operation, at least once reconciliation should have happened on that license against the nodes used. You may dissociate license by clicking Un-Map license button by doing same navigation steps.