I have observed that there are chances of false system reboot alerts? Will those be observed in SaphireIMS?

Yes there is possibility of false system reboot alerts when data is collected using snmp protocol. This is due to nature of the variable where system uptime is stored by the snmp agent in the device. The max value can be stored in the in the system uptime ( sysUpTime ) variable is 497.2 days and the variable will get reset and starts the counter from 0 when it reaches max value. In this situation there is chance that false reboot alarms can be generated. This is handled intelligently in SapphireIMS to avoid the false alarms. For this purpose SapphireIMS also collects snmp engine time ( snmpEngineTime ), the value of which can be stored for 135 years. It compares the both system uptime ( sysUpTime ) and snmp engine time ( snmpEngineTime ) and decides whether its counter is reset or genuine reboot has occurred and generates the alarm.

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