I see an option Virtual Machine. What all virtualization platforms are supported and what are the underlying prerequisites that is needed to support them

SapphireIMS has capability to detect and collect critical parameters on virtualization platforms VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer. In addition to this, it collects number of guest machines running on each platform which helps to tag base OS to guest machines. It also collects some basic information of guest machines.

For collecting VMware details, SapphireIMS use VIjava API which uses port 80/443 for communication. It uses http(s)://:/sdk/vimService.wsdl API to collect the data and has to be accessible from SapphireIMS machine. SapphreIMS can collect data directly from standalone hosts(ESXi) or it can collect data through Vcenter. Through Vcentre, SapphireIMS can collect clusters( groups of hosts) and underneath data centers details as well.

For collecting Hyper-V details, SapphireIMS use WMI standard protocol and prerequisite remains same as with normal WMI inventory.

For Collecting XENServer details, SapphireIMS use XENServer SDK api which internally use RPC and works with 80/443 port.

To discover above platform you will have to configure VM profile under profile manager - Profile Manager and add a discovery rule with IP addresses by selecting VM credential profile Discovering your Network

Once the platforms are discovered, you can view the data under -