Mesh Central - SSL certificate generation steps (New Implementation)

Below are the steps which needs to be followed -

  1. Convert certificate and generate the proper CRT and Private key using the below link

  2. Validate the new CRT and Private key files are proper not using below link.

  1. Then rename the CRT and Private key files as “webserver-cert-public.crt” and “webserver-cert-private.key”

  2. Make the copy of same CRT and private key file and rename as “agentserver-cert-public.crt” and “agentserver-cert-private.key”

  3. Place these files mentioned in step 3 and 4( totally 4 files) under <%MeshCentral Installation Path%>\meshcentral-data

  4. Restart the MeshCentral service

Note: Open SSL is required for this.

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