Script for installing KB articles (.MSU files) through SapphireIMS

Download below script: (334 Bytes)


  1. Open attached MSUPush.bat and change FILENAME.msu to the actual MSU file name.

  2. In test machine place batch file and installer (.msu) in same folder and verify the functionality and impacts.

  3. If works fine, then zip that folder and create script package from SapphireIMS and post Script Execution job for one sample machine.

  4. If works fine, then proceed with job posting for other machines.


  1. The script needs to be thoroughly tested in test environment to know if any impacts.

  2. If you want to use this script for installing specific Microsoft KB article, for each OS different file name might be there. In that case, separate package to be created and pushed for intended machines.

  3. For same OS version, if multiple file to be pushed, it can be pushed in single package. In the batch file, copy paste the command and repeat for next MSU files.

  4. Installation order to be taken care by the customer and if reboot needed, it needs to be taken care separately.

If above script is executed and if the actual MSU is not installed, then verify Event Log (Eventvwr > Windows Logs > Setup) with source WUSA, it will give the error code of actual installation.

Change log:
12-Sep-2022: The script uploaded during initial article is not waiting for the MSU installation to complete, it exits immediately. Script is modified (with cmd /c at the beginning) to make it wait till MSU installation complete.

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