Sometimes SapphireIMS war(web archive) deployment fails. What could be the issue?

While deploying War files, deployement fails with the error “WFLYCTL0063: Composite operation was rolled back”. Can anyone explain what is this error and why this comes and how to overcome this issue?

In Wildfly default war files deployment time out is 5 mins, if all war files are not deployed with in 5 mins,
wildfly will stop war files deployment and throws error.

The following cases may cause the problem to delay war file deployment :

  1. Machine slowness
  2. Disk IO not performing well
  3. Performing huge operations in code while deploying war files
  4. Due to MySQL slowness

To avoid this problem follow the below steps :

  1. add the below extra java argument in standalone.conf.bat file
  2. open standlaone.xml file and search for and change the deployment-timeout value

Note: deployment-timeout and values should be same