System delievery vendor wants to create master image OS with SapphireIMS agent as one of the software embedded and then clone it to bulk of systems before delivery to specific customer who requested. What is the standard operating procedure for this?

This is usually not recommended way. Better to install the agent post the OS installation. However this can be achieved with some strict precautions.

If customer wants to clone SapphireIMS Agent along with other needed software then we can recommend below options.

  • Isolate the master system from LAN or internet where SapphireIMS application should not be reached.
  • Install SapphireIMS Agent and ‘systemid’ should not generated in system registry. As the master image system is isolated and cannot communicate to SapphireIMS server, ‘systemid’ doesn’t get generated. However suggest to take support team help to verify the same before cloning it to bulk of systems.
  • Clone copy should be taken without systemid as per above steps and this image copy can be used for new asset onboarding process.

Please follow SOP document attached and logically same steps can be followed for Linux/MAC as well.
SOP for New Asset On-Boarding Process.docx (346.6 KB)