Users using windows 10 machines connected over mobile internet and have per day bandwidth limit of 1-2 GB. I need to roll out windows 10 feature pack or creator update ISO image having around 4GB in size. How to upgrade without impact on daily work?

If you have bandwidth constraint with daily cap, SapphireIMS provides bandwidth control with business and non-business hours which can be set as per your need so that file download module in agent will use specified bandwidth for any file downloads from SapphireIMS server. Additionally you need to increase the retry count of file downloads and increase the job purging interval.

For setting bandwidth , you may use following options

  • You may use Settings->agent configuration where you can only set working hours bandwidth and retry count by updating respective agent profile. Same bandwidth value will be used by non working hours bandwidth setting.
  • If you want to set different bandwidth for non working hours, Use Settings->Node Rule Engine-> Agent details and modify Working and Non Working Hours Bandwidth per agent. If you want to perform in bulk, please reach out to support team.

Purging interval for Configured jobs (JOBS_PURGE_INTERVAL) a global setting default being 3 days and has to increased to 15 days or more and this needs to be set at database level for which you may reach out to support team.