What are Availability and Health of Business Service?

In SapphireIMS user can monitor the Business Service by two ways. One is Availability of the service and other one is Health of the service. These two types complement each other while monitoring business service. The “Availability” of the business service can be configured using “And” and “OR” logical operators to combine the individually monitored components and build over all availability rule for the entire Business Service.
On the other hand, the Health of the business service allows user to assign weightage to the individual components automatically (by even weight-age) or provide manually (Weighted Health) by means of sub rules. All the weightage of sub rules combined is considered as 100%. This is nothing but health of the entire Business Service. If any of the sub rule is breached, then weightage of that rule is deducted from the total health of the business service. There is provision to configure the threshold for Availability and Health of the Business Service.
Please refer our online help link for more details - Business Service