What are the possible reasons for SNMP timeout - No response? How should I address it?

These are the possible reasons along with recommended steps to check -

  1. SNMP community string used as part of credential profile may be different than the actual string configured in device. Same may be applicable with SNMP V3 profile. - Re-configuring SapphireIMS SNMP credential profile with specific community string or username/passphrases may solve.
  2. The port configured for SNMP agent may be different - Re-configuring SapphireIMS SNMP credential profile with specific port may solve. Default port used by SapphireIMS is 161.
  3. The device may be slow to respond SNMP queries - Increasing timeout and retries may solve. Default timeout is 5 second and retries is 0. Please note that retries will not use exponential back-off time on each retry.
  4. SNMP agent at device might be getting crashed - Need to check this behavior at device level
  5. SNMP request/packets may be getting dropped in the network and unable to reach the target device - Network connectivity and congestion needs to be checked