What are the pre-requisites for MeshCentral remote control server in SapphireIMS machine or other dedicated machine?

The prerequisites for MeshCentral is as follows -

  1. Currently we support Windows 2016 server and above for MeshCentral server
  2. Valid SSL certificate is needed to install in MeshCentral server for HTTPS enablement
  3. Inbound port of MeshCentral server should be open for end points to communicate
  4. MeshCentral server can be installed in same machine where SapphireIMS application server is running or it can be installed in separate dedicated machine.
Sl No Node Count MeshCentral server Machine Role System Requirements
1 Up to 500 SapphireIMS Application Server No additional system requirement
2 Between 501 to 5000 SapphireIMS Application Server Additionally, 2 core and 2 GB needs to be reserved in SapphireIMS machine
3 Between 5001 to 10000 SapphireIMS Application Server Additionally, 4 core and 4 GB needs to be reserved in SapphireIMS machine
4 Above 10000 Dedicated Server – Since the node count is high, we recommend dedicated machine for this 1 Server with Intel Xeon 4 Core Processor, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk (Non-OS Drive) and Windows Server 2016 or Above 64-Bit OS

Note: Every MeshCentral agent will consume 0.7 MB/hr during ideal configuration including the first time start