Whether agent communication is two-way? What is required to change at firewall?

Agent use HTTP Rest API for communication which is unidirectional half duplex as it works on request-response and at a time either client sends data or receives data from server. There is no full duplex communication with bidirectional mode happens as we won’t use web sockets for the same and there is no simultaneous data transfer at a time from both the ends.

From agent side, the HTTP/HTTPS port which is used during REST communication should be outbound and inbound at SapphireIMS server. Hence, we only need to allow this port communication on firewall at server-side setup.

Agents pulls the information such as configuration instructions or file downloads from SapphireIMS server and push the data back to SapphireIMS server such as inventory data or performance data collection, patch scan details, job execution status details, etc.