Whether SapphireIMS support discovery and inventory of thin clients and zero/ultra thin clients used for VDI?

Thin Clients: These devices are traditionally end-point devices with some flavor of skinny, optimized, locked-down OS. The most common current type of Thin Clients run on Linux or Windows Embedded (WES7/WE8), and to a much lesser and declining degree Windows CE. As these devices mostly use Enhanced Write Filter which protects the entire flash from writes and File-based Write Filter which allows specific local applications and files to be updated dynamically.

SapphireIMS supports both Windows Embedded and Linux based thin clients with standard desktop agents which is installed in any Windows/Linux machine.


  1. As agent has to be permanently reside in the machine and also it has to write some logs, it needs to be excluded using write filters otherwise in next re-boot you don’t find the agent traces.
  2. If any software has to be pushed/deployed or patch update needs to be carried out, make sure Write Filter(Of-course if device supports) is disabled and once installed enabled back.

Zero/Ultra Thin Clients: Instead of an operating system, Zero Clients have a highly tuned on-board processor specifically designed for one possibly three VDI protocols (PCoIP, HDX, or RDS).Zero Clients have boot up speeds of just a few seconds and are immune to viruses, malware and the like.

As these clients cannot be monitored using SapphireIMS agent and even with any standard protocols like SNMP, currently we support only Dell Wyse zero clients(WTOS) through Dell Wyse Device Manager(WDM) rest API to collect the details of all the zero and thin clients.


  1. We don’t support Dell Wyse Management Suite API as of now
  2. The pre-requistes for Dell Wyse discovery -
    • Need a valid credentials for connecting and retrieving the DELL Wyse Web services
    • The Key and IV required to encrypt the password
    • The Key and IV must support CBC mode AES encryption
    • The DELL Wyse Server must be available for fetching the required details associated with thin client
    • The Dell Wyse REST API must be reachable( Version 5.7.2)
    • The Server(SapphireServer) must have access to the thin clients, as we are going to ping them for their statuses(Based on the Setting Key)
    • All devices view is required
    • Dedicated Username and Password is required for the DELL Wyse Server since, session timeout will happen if the same credential is used to login to the DELL Wyse portal.