Whether SNMP discovery in SapphireIMS use broadcast with port 161?

SapphireIMS SNMP discovery will not use broadcast method using IP’s such as,, etc for discovery of devices on port 161 or any other configured port using common community names.

SapphireIMS works in following ways -

  1. SapphireIMS attempts to do ICMP PING for set of IP range or CIDR IP’s configured in discovery configuration. It attempts to ping each device in uni-cast way. However we have multi threaded concept (default 10 threads) where these requests will be tried with multiple devices simultaneously with uni-cast mode.
  2. Discovery rule may have been configured with multiple SNMP profiles such as V1, V2c or V3 each having credential information along with port to be used which helps to discover device with right profile
  3. Once device is reachable with PING, it attempts SNMP UDP request with configured SNMP profile in discovery rule to connect to target device in uni-cast way. It attempts with all the profiles one by one until it gets response from any of the profile used. Similar to PING, here also multi threaded concept ( (default 10 threads) will be used for different target devices to poll in uni-cast mode.
  4. Once the target device responds with any SNMP profile, discovery engine checks whether needed information to qualify the device into right category is collected, if so it creates an record as managed device in SapphireIMS and tags specific profile to that device for subsequent use otherwise device will be made un-managed.