Can I have compliance status against business units? How it is different from Organization unit?

Organization unit (OU) is a grouping of systems under a logical group such as departments, different geographic Locations, etc. In business, an organizational unit or OU is one of several functions within a company.

At its most boiled down, a strategic business unit is a separate, independently operated unit within an organization. The SBU division will still report to headquarters about the status of the operation, but otherwise, it’s totally responsible for revenue generation, budgets and strategy development. The unit is usually big enough to have its own organizational functions, such as finance, human resources, IT and so on. It follows its own goals and direction based on the needs of its target market.

In above image, the Parent Organization may be the holding company. The Business Units 1, 2, and 3 may be subsidiaries. Each business unit is an organizational unit with several other organizational units below them.

If organization unit tree is configured with proper sub-units in accordance to how their business and cost center operate, we may use the same tree and directories for compliance in SapphireIMS. If business unit operations deviate from organization unit operationally, then SapphireIMS provides a way to create a separate tree with logical grouping of computers specific to business cost center so that it can be specifically used for compliance.

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