CSAT Feedback Configuration

Hi All,

If you are configuring CSAT feedback for any customer in the 5005 series patch, please do not configure it using the “Default Feedback Template”. Instead, use “Feedback Mail Template as Macro” option to configure the same. Below is the screenshot:

If the stars feedback is configured, it will look like the below:

However, initially when the feedback is configured there will be alignment problem which can be fixed using the attached fix.

There is still some alignment issue, which I am discussing if that can be rectified.

There is one more drawback which has been observed while configuring the feedback in the latest method. Once the user clicks on stars, it will take you to one page where it will ask for “Comment”.

Note: “Comment” part is not mandatory and the user will be click on submit without entering any comment. This field cannot be removed and the customer has to follow the same while submitting the feedback.

Use the below link to get to the page with the details as the images are not visible here:

Please sync up with me if you need any further information on the same.