Discovery of Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure

SapphireIMS supports discovery of Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. It collects all the resources visible under the given Azure Cloud Subscription. Detailed information is getting collected for following resource types.

  • Virtual Machines and the corresponding OS disk and Networking Profile.
  • Container Groups and the associated Container Instances.
  • Kubernetes Clusters, the corresponding node pools, nodes, pods, services, replica sets and storage.
  • SQL Servers - MariaDB, MySQL Server (Single/Flexible), PostgreSQL (Single/Flexible).

The discovery configuration can be done under following screen:
Settings > Discovery Profiles and Wizard > Cloud Discovery.


Service Principal - Clients who are interested in discovering Azure Cloud infrastructure should create a Service Principal with Contributor role, using Azure portal or using Azure CLI, and provide the following information in SapphireIMS credential profile, to use it for successful Azure Cloud discovery.

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Tenant ID
  • Subscription ID

URL Whitelisting - SapphireIMS server connects to Azure cloud REST API to get the details. Following URL patterns must be accessible from SapphireIMS server (* indicates the wildcard characters).

Azure CLI on Windows - Azure CLI component needs to be installed in SapphireIMS installed machine.

Note: In case of MSP setup the discovery will be done via central server, hence the URL whitelisting and CLI installation should be done in the central server (not on the probe server).

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