Endpoint is physically up, but it is showing as down in SapphireIMS. How to troubleshoot this?

Agent-less based Discovery:
If node is discovered in SapphireIMS using agent-less based discovery, then the node must be reachable via Ping from SapphireIMS server (from data collector if node is discovered through data collector).

Agent based Discovery:
If node is discovered in SapphireIMS using agent based discovery, then below things to be verified.

  • If agents are communicating with data collectors, please verify the SapphireIMS service running state in data collector.
  • Verify SapphireIMS agent is installed in the endpoint and agent service is in running state.
  • Verify whether SapphireIMS URL is accessible from end point. If agent pointed to data collector, then data collector SapphireWS URL must be accessible from endpoint (sometimes due to any change in agent side network such as Proxy configuration, the URL may not be accessible and agent may not be able to communicate with server).
  • Verify if any change in public IP of SapphireIMS server (If agent is rolled out with public IP of server, then change in public IP will impact the agent communication).
  • Verify in SapphireIMS portal if the node is appearing as conflicted device. May be due to reinstallation of agent, the device might enter into conflict state and one of them might appear as down in SapphireIMS portal.
  • It is not mandatory to Ping server host/IP from endpoint to check connectivity, because agents outside the network or ping disabled environment may not be reachable through Ping.

If above points are clear, and still if agent is not communicating, please reach out to SapphireIMS Support team.

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