How base line changes of inventory (change logs) calculated in agent and agent-less inventory? How it impacts the traffic?

Agent and agent-less compares the changes based on latest collected inventory against inventory data collected in last inventory collection cycle. This means to compare and calculate change-log, agent or agent-less machine should have collected data at least once so that that data will act as baseline data to compare with latest inventory. We do not have tagging base line data with respect to specific day’s collection as we don’t store inventory data in historic manner and keep only last cycle collected inventory by deleting old inventory to update latest inventory. Hence comparison to calculate change-log is with respect to last inventory collected against latest inventory which subsequently gets stored after change-log calculation by deleting old inventory data.
Agent use mechanism to locally store last inventory in agent repository, it compares with latest collected inventory with last stored inventory data locally and only changed data will be pushed to server along with changed detected. As agent doesn’t push complete inventory data to SapphireIMS server, the traffic consumption will be much lower on subsequent inventory collection cycles.

Agent-less always must connect to target machine, get the complete inventory and compare against last inventory at SapphireIMS server side hence traffic consumption is going to remain same on every collection.