How should I monitor IBM AIX server in SapphireIMS?

Currently SapphireIMS supports SNMP protocol to monitor IBM AIX server. IBM comes up with built-in SNMP agents which can be used for monitoring for all critical parameters like CPU utilization, Disk utilization, interface utilization, Disk IO, etc . Please note that from inventory data point of view, it collects minimal information such as processor, disk, physical memory configured, network adapter details, operating system details, software installed.

Point to note that IBM agent comes up with following -

  1. SNMP V1 agent - snmpdv1 agent
  2. SNMP agent with:
    • SNMP Non-encrypted - snmpdv3 agent which works as normal SNMP V1/V2C
    • SNMP encrypted - snmpdv3 agent which works as SNMP V3

How do I know, which version is enabled in machine?
You can see that the current snmpd is using snmpdv3ne , which means that it supports the non-encrypted version of SNMPv3, ne=no encryption, as long as /etc/snmpdv3.conf is configured, it can be used in the way of SNMPv1, so the default version can meet the requirements.

How do I set specific version which I want?
Using snmpv3_ssw command you can change the version as follows:

  • snmpv3_ssw -1 will switch to SNMPv1
  • snmpv3_ssw -n will switch to SNMPv3 non-encrypted
  • snmpv3_ssw -e will switch to SNMPv3 encrypted if it is installed

How do I enable SNMP V1/V2c with my community string?
Please refer link published by IBM - IBM AIX: How To Configure Community based SNMP And SNMP Traps

This article helps you in enabling SNMPV1 and in same way we can enable SNMP V2c by un-commenting lines which has word “SNMPV2c” and adding community string as part of that line.

How do I enable SNMP V3 configuration with user and passphrase?
Please refer article published by IBM - IBM AIX: How to configure SNMPv3 encrypted

I have also attached couple of sample files which is configured in customer setups. Sample1_snmpdv3_conf.txt (1.8 KB) sample2_snmpdv3_conf.txt (12.1 KB)

Once SNMP agent configuration is ready, using following links you may configure SNMP credential profile in SapphireIMS and discover specific AIX machines.
Profile Manager
Discovering your Network