How to configure database failover in SapphireIMS?

Failover, or also referred to by many as Activation of the standby database, is a process when you open the standby database read/write - this can be performed if a disaster has happened and your primary database is not accessible to your users, or for some reason became corrupt. For example, due to faulty upgrade on the storage or a malicious attack. During this “failover” process the standby database is opened read/write changing it to a primary database. Once the standby database is opened read/write, your users (applications) can then use it. This process cannot be reversed so the decision to failover should be carefully made. The failover process is initiated during a real disaster or severe outage.

It is also important to note that during a Failover operation, there is always the risk of potential data loss. There is the possibility that changes have not been applied to the standby database yet and that due to the primary system not being available, these changes were not available to be applied to the standby database.

It is always important to make sure your standby database is up to date.

Please follow attached document on how to configure DB failover in SapphireIMS web application.
DB Failover.docx (1.5 MB)