Is their any option to auto submit the Incident record based on end point down time data which is collected through agent?

Ex: Sapphire IMS collecting data from the Desktops and Laptops through agents. They all are in Local area network. Due to some reasons like Connectivity issue-( not in Network, Not connected any network) or Duplication of Node-(Changing Hostname or IP or MAC) end point showing Down since “X” period of time.

Based “Down since” field Is there any possibility to trigger in incident Ticket, Where we can have work flow for that?

So IT team can check why it is down and perform node operation like Merge, Delete, Unmanage.


We have business monitoring stack(BSM) through which one can monitor critical devices availability and if the device is down, we can create an incident record. Generally we suggest this option for critical devices alone . Since BSM licensing is expensive, for end points, you may still look at inventory availability report and take a measure to address devices which are not reporting.

There is similar article published which you can refer for more details - I want the alarm to be created as incidents so that they can be assigned to relevant engineers to work on. Is it possible?


Thank you so much for the update