What are the best practices that I need to adapt, to ensure that all my assets are maintained properly in the system?

Non-IP Assets:
Non-IP assets should be maintained properly in CMDB module separately as tool cannot discover them automatically.

IP Assets:

Discovery perspective:
All the IP devices available in the organization should be discovered in SapphireIMS and the discovered IP devices should be reconciled with CMDB module using link with inventory resource to maintain them throughout its life cycle.

Monitoring perspective:
The mission critical servers available in organization can be enabled for monitoring in SapphireIMS tool to monitor and alert uncertain fluctuations. Please note that, Performance license needs to be procured to enable devices for monitoring.

Patch Compliance:
Maintain patch compliance for nodes available in organization by applying security updates. Before patching all production end points and critical servers, make sure the patch is thoroughly tested in the test environment. Critical servers can be patched in controlled manner by categorizing them as ‘Critical Systems

Software Compliance:
Maintain license repository in tool and reconcile the discovered devices and look for non-compliance to make sure licenses are properly utilized. This can also help in identifying under utilized software and decide on cost optimization.