What is the best practice to push the SapphireIMS windows agents to the end points?

In below ways windows agent roll out can be done depending on nature of customer organization.

  1. Creating agent installer package and pushing through SapphireIMS – This approach works well for nodes which are connected to SapphireIMS in LAN. There are certain pre-requisites such as WMI connectivity and file copy, etc., to make this job successful. Refer following article for actual pre-requisites SapphireIMS 5.0 Prerequisites Document
  2. Creating agent installer package and pushing through Active Directory/SCCM – This is good when nodes are managed under Active Directory/SCCM.
  1. Manual installation – For normal environment, this option is not recommended as it is time consuming one. In highly restricted environment where nodes are spread across location and not maintained properly under AD, then this approach can be used. Create agent installer package in SapphireIMS UI and use the installer in end point to install agent. Please note that admin privilege is required to perform manual installation. Refer following article How do I push(deploy) SapphireIMS Windows Agents through AD group policy and How can I install the agents manually?