Why some nodes show partial data collection for agent or agentless mode in SapphireIMS?

SapphireIMS use internal factory provided repository which has list of specific parameters or attributes to be queried are tagged to specific device category and these parameters or attributes are configured based on device capability. For example: If any device type which has capability to provide processor caption when queried, this specific parameter or attribute will be part of the that device category list. If specific device type is not capable to collect Floppy Drive information, then this parameter won’t be part of the factory provided device category list.
SapphireIMS detects inventory as partial only if some devices are not returning data for parameters (for any reason) which are in the query list specific to device to category.

There may be scenario where specific device category doesn’t support specific parameter or attribute and showing partial inventory because of that, you may reach out to SapphireIMS support to remove such parameters or attribute from repository.