What do you mean by Zombie Node in SapphireIMS?

Both agent and agentless nodes which are not communicating for a certain period say ‘n’ days (for example 1 month) are logically dead nodes which will be called as Zombie Node. The period to move node to zombie is configurable. Classified zombie nodes can be identified by the system status indicator (Grey color) and Error description details from discovery page.

To change this interval, see below options.

  1. Nodes which are yet to be discovered: visit Settings > Poll Interval page and define value for ‘Set Zombie Node Tagging Duration to default interval’.
  2. Nodes which are already discovered: visit Settings > Poll Interval > Node Level page and define value for ‘Zombie node tagging’ based on all nodes or based on specific device category.

This is to avoid unnecessary availability check polling for the nodes specially for agentless nodes. Once agentless node is moved to zombie, polling will not happen on health check, discovery, inventory, performance, or IT Automation activities. For agent, we qualify node as zombie, however we continue to receive health update if agent can communicate after becoming zombie but we will ignore discovery data and not collect any data related to inventory, performance or IT Automation activities as SapphireIMS control schedule for these things at server.

Administrator can activate these nodes back to normal under Settings > Node Operations page.